Symptoms of Tuberculosis (TB), causes, types, and its treatment - II

Treatment of TB
DOTS program is being run for the treatment of TB in government centers. The full form of DOTS is the Direct Observation Treatment. TB treatment is done free through DOTS. TB patients under the supervision of the DOT agent have to take up to 6 months of medication for this work. This 6 month treatment takes place in the first and second phase. The first step is two months and the second stage is four months. What is the amount of medicine to be given during treatment, it is decided on the basis of age and weight of the patient.
If you are treating TB, do not leave it in the middle. Due to the removal of medication in the middle and not taking the right amount of time on the medicine, this disease gets repetitive. If TB is treating properly, then this disease can be completely cured.

What to eat in TB
There is a great deal of food paan for early treatment of any disease. If you take good diet and your illness begins to recover twice as fast. Good and nutritious food is helpful in increasing the immunity of the body. Increasing the immune system increases the power of fighting against many infectious diseases like TB. Let's see how the Diet Chart of TB patient should be.
1. Green and leafy vegetables should eat more.
2. The food should be made in olive oil.
3. Must eat whole and sprouted grains.
4. Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of antioxidants, they should be consumed more.

Do not eat in TB
1. It is very important to avoid TB in order to treat TB properly. Some things are such, so TB patients should not eat.
2. The patients of TB should not drink alcohol, drinking alcohol gets rid of the effect of TB medicine.
3. Do not eat tobacco, cottage cheese, gutka and pan masala while having TB.
4. Do not eat oily, fast and junk food even by mistake.
5. Do not eat soda, tea and coffee.

TB prevention measures:
1. If you are going out of the washroom and go to the clean washroom itself.
2. If you drink water or juice outside, then use disposable glass.
3. Pay special attention to your cleanliness. While eating and cooking, wash hands with anti-bacterial soap.
4. If there is a patient in your home TB and keep everything such as soap towel separately.
5. Exercise daily. This increases the body's immune system.
6. Do not eat outside.

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