Symptoms of Tuberculosis (TB), causes, types, and its treatment - I

Learn what the symptoms of Tuberculosis are, how Tuberculosis occurs and it is  how we treated. We are sharing this information with you. Tuberculosis, which is known by most people as TB, is due to the virus called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. These bacteria, which cause TB, affect our lungs. "Rajayakshma" is Ayurvedic name of TB disease. "Rajayakshma" means the King of Rogo.

There is no special age for having Tuberculosis. This disease can happen to anyone at any age. TB disease comes in the list of deadly diseases. More than 3 million people die every year due to TB. According to one calculation, one in three people in the world is TB patient. The lack of illiteracy and awareness is a major reason for this disease. The government is running a variety of health programs to increase awareness about TB, but still the number of people suffering from this disease increases in advance every year.

Treatment of TB is possible, but then when it is treated at the right time. TB can take your life even when you do not get treatment at the right time. In order to treat any disease at the right time, we should know the early signs of the disease. Identifying the symptoms and treating any disease can be started at the right time. In this post we are going to tell you about the symptoms of TB disease, the cause of TB and how to treat TB.

Types of TB
There are three types of TB disease: stomach TB, Foo T.B and Bone TB. The three types of TB are different symptoms and different treatments.
TB of the stomach: It is difficult to identify the stomach TB at the right time. Because the TB of the stomach grows inside the stomach and it has problems associated with common stomach like abdominal pain and diarrhea. TB of the stomach then appears when the gland falls inside the stomach.
Foozy TB: Fungi TB is detected after reaching the most serious condition. Because the fuzzy TB slowly grows inside. Fungi T.B can be done to anyone, but the symptoms of Foo TB can vary in every person.
Bone TB: Identification of Bone TB is the easiest, because bone is caused by bone wounds when it is TB. Bites due to TB cannot be cured easily after treatment. Muscle and bone also become weak when the bone is TB.

Symptoms of TB disease
1. Coughing for a long time. If the cough is more than two weeks then you must check for mucus, loss of appetite
2. Reduce weight without reason
3. Pain in the back and back when there is TB of Reid Bone
4. Mumps and mumps with cough
5. More sweating in the night
6. Fever in the evening
7. Lack of fever for long
8. Body pain with physical weakness
9. Chest pain in one month
10. Poor breathing with pain in chest

Reason of tuberculosis
TB disease is due to non-nutritious food, living in dirt and causing illness like AIDS and AIDS. The infection of the disease spreads rapidly from the bacteria present in TB patient's spit. By spitting, sneezing and sneezing of TB patient, the bacteria present in spit spread in the air and infect other people with this disease. TB sufferers should not spit open in order to stop this disease from spreading.

The people who have immunity to diseases of the body, the risk of infection of the disease is very low in those people. The resistance of the G-logo is high, reaching the body, the TB bacteria becomes inactive. Due to the inactivation of the bacteria, there is no sign of TB or there is no problem due to this bacterium. As soon as the body's immune system is low, these passive bacteria become activated. As soon as the bacteria is activated, the body gets TB disease. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis also spreads TB infections in the blood and lymph besides bacteria lungs.

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