The problem of thyroid in people is increasing day by day but it is seen more in women than men. Thyroid gland is in the throat, which makes the thyroid called hormone. Due to thyroid, the disease resistance in the body starts decreasing. This disease is also being seen in people who appear to be normal and healthy. This disease can be identified by looking at its symptoms in women. If it is detected on time, it is possible to treat it.

Symptoms of thyroid in women
1. Gaining weight
Obesity increases due to thyroid problems. Whatever we eat is not properly digested. Due to which the body does not get complete energy and it remains stored in the body as fat.

2. Feeling weakness
You may feel weak because of not getting enough energy from the body. If you do a bit of work you will feel exhausted. Due to weakness and fatigue in women, there may be anemia-like illness.

3. Variations in Periods
The cause of change in periods in women may be thyroid. Due to this, periods of women decreases by decreasing period.

4. Depression
When thyroid is present, thyroid gland of the throat produces thyroxine in very small quantities. Depression, which means depression hormones become active due to which women become prey to depression.

5. Loss of memory

Due to thyroid, memory power starts weakening, and the nature of women starts becoming irritable.

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