Other diseases due to malnutrition and treatment of malnutrition

Other diseases due to malnutrition
Malnutrition is not only a disease; it can also cause some other diseases. Not only those who do not get enough food, but also those who do not have essential nutrients like Vitamin, Carbohydrate, Protein, they may have to face malnutrition. The most common type of malnutrition is protein and energy related, which is due to the lack of energy and proteins in the diet with all the essential nutrients such as carbohydrate, fat and protein deficiency. In fact, the cause of malnutrition depends on the quality of the person's food. There are many types of malnutrition too, and this depends on the amount of nutrient deficiency which remains in the diet for how long and at what age.
Body decay - In this disease, the patient's skeletal system begins to weaken, in the untimely condition, the disease is converted into a disease called quaciorcore, in which the body is swollen and the face also appears to be very flushed, it is also called "moon face" it is said.

Other types of malnutrition can also be fatal for life, because there can be diseases like anemia, scurvy, pellagra, berry-berry, due to lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.

The main ingredient of blood is the red blood coronary, which is made of hemoglobin, this hemoglobin contains iron. This hemoglobin itself helps in convection of oxygen from the blood. Therefore, iron deficiency causes the body to complain of fatigue.
Due to the lack of iodine, mental deformities and brain diseases are the major cause of the disease in the world. There are 780 million people all over the world due to iodine deficiency due to thyroid related diseases, which causes swelling in the thyroid gland which is called goiter disease and its worst effect is on the brain, which can not be developed without iodine. . Due to the lack of zinc, growth is blocked and immunity is weak. It also increases the likelihood of diarrhea and pneumonia

Vitamin A deficiency also weakens the body's immune system. Due to which many other diseases start attacking the body, this reduction affects the effect of the eyes,
Identification of symptoms and malnutrition

Identifying the initial symptoms and getting treatment on time, the problem of malnutrition can be reduced. There are several ways available to identify this, in which Malnutrition universal screening tools are major, it is designed to identify malnourished adults, this is a 5-stage plan:

First Step: To see the scores by removing the body mass index by measuring the length and weight.

Second step: Note the reduced weight of the plan without any plans and see the score. As the normal weight decreases in 5 to 10% of the normal life, 1 reduces the score, but losing weight by 10% makes the score 2.

Step 3: Scores are determined by seeing mental and physical conditions. For example, if the person is sick and is not taking food for 5 consecutive days then the score will be 3.

Step 4: The total risk score is drawn by adding scores of the above three steps.

Step 5: Now to get the plan of care, you have to get the help of the nearest guideline. If the person is at minimum risk of malnutrition then the score will be 0 but being a score means that there are chances of getting the disease and having more than 2 means that the patient is in very big risk.


MUST is used only to identify malnutrition, and further treatment has to go to the doctor. Quke does not tell the lack of any VISI nutrient

After the screening with the help of MUST the treatment process begins. At low risk, nutritious diet can be started at the hospital or at home. Diet is determined for 3 days if it is slightly higher If more risk happens, the person has to take treatment from a dietician.

The type of treatment depends on the severity of malnutrition which can be possible from the initial level to the severely severe situation. For this, dietician makes some changes in diet in which it is ensured that there is a sufficient nutrient diet. For this balanced diet is given. Fortified food which contains extra nutrients is given; calorie-rich beverages are given. The use of ready to use food (RUTFs) has also been used for malnutrition children, in the event of severe malnutrition, this food benefits greatly.

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