Benefits of Honey - Part 3 out of part 3

Things to keep in mind
The honey which is darker contains more antioxidants.
Honey is not bad and can be kept long by keeping it properly closed.
Archaeologists have found sealed jars of honey in the tombs of the Pharaohs in the ancient city of Thebes and in the tombs of Tutankhaman. It is not known what the archaeologists did to that honey!
Babies less than one year old should not be given honey because they can have botulism bacterial bacteria due to which the infant may become sick. These bacteria are found in dust and soil, which can go to honey. The body of the baby is not ready to defend itself from this kind of infection.
Another thing to keep in mind is that honey is not very different from white sugar in case of diabetes. Both raise blood sugar levels and patients of diabetes should take equal care in both.
Use of Ayurveda and Siddha in honey
Perhaps someone has not searched the benefits of honey in such a depth, as much as the Indians did. Honey was considered a gift of nature to humankind and it was considered an essential part of every kitchen. He was considered an important part of the diet for any person over 12 months of age. Honey was considered to be a digestible food that humans can easily digest. In Ayurveda and Siddha system, honey is used as a carrier of drugs. On mixing with honey, the drug is easily and quickly absorbed into the body and spreads through the blood stream to the whole body. It is said that honey retains the capacity of any drug and it lengthen its effect.

Siddha texts suggest that honey should be taken as part of the treatment of heat problems, excessive cough, vomiting, gas problems and impurities in the blood. The seven different types of honey have been identified in the Siddha texts, in which the collected honey is considered as the most medicinal value of the dense hill forests, which are called Malayan or hill honey. This honey contains properties of many medicinal plants, from which bees eat juice or pollen.

Use of honey and traditional treatment
Honey water
Mixing 1 to 3 teaspoons of honey in a glass of normal temperature, taking tissues twice a day gives nutrition and helps in removing nervous system weakness.
Adding two to three small spoons honey in a glass of lukewarm water gives instant power and helps in reducing weight.
Use of honey on the body
With honey mixed on scratches, the wound is heated quickly and the scars are lightweight.
Twice a day for 20-20 minutes, mix honey and fresh lemon juice on the face in equal proportion. This eliminates the dark spots of the face.

Some delicious drinks of honey
You can use honey in many ways in your daily life. One of them is - as a drink. Let's tell you the recipe for some honey drinks.

Drink 1

Crush ginger and squeeze her juice. Place the juice in a glass vessel for 15 minutes. Leave the frozen substance below and keep the clean juice in the refrigerator for 5-6 days.

Mix two small spoons of this ginger juice, two small spoons of honey, and empty stomach every day. It purifies the blood. It can be taken up to 48 days once in 6 months.

Drink 2

Wash fresh ginger and peel. Cut ginger into small pieces, keep it in honey in a wide mouth glass bottle. Cover the bottle mouth with a thin, white cotton cloth and keep it in the sun for 12 days. Eat 2-4 pieces in the morning and evening, this can be rid of the problem of indigestion or indigestion.

Drink 3

Drink three small teaspoons of ginger juice, four small spoons of honey and two small spoons of lemon juice in three fourth cup of water. It does not cure colds early on.

Drink 4

Watermelon-ginger-mint drink

Here a recipe for a cold drink with honey and watermelon, which can be a great boon during the summer.


Watermelon: one fourth

Ginger: One inch piece

Mint: ¼ cup fresh leaves

Salt: according to the taste

Black pepper powder: according to taste

Honey: 3 tablespoons


Peel the watermelon and take out its seeds and cut it rough. Mix the pieces in a blender. Peel ginger and mix it in the pot. Mix mint leaves, salt, black pepper powder and honey.

Grind all together until the fine paste is made. Filter it with a sieve.

Serve this juice in a glass and serve it.

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