Benefits of Honey - Part 2 out of part 3

Honey is good for yoga
For those who do yoga exercises, honey consumption brings balance in the chemicals of blood, so they should be especially consumed. Regular consumption of honey makes the body more vibrant. Before starting the morning practice, after mixing a little honey in lukewarm water, the body becomes active.

Honey is antibacterial and antiseptic
The use of honey enhances the number of beneficial antioxidant elements, improves the body's immune system and fights against harmful microorganisms. Many studies have also considered the use of honey in the treatment of wounds. In a study, a therapeutic honey was used which went through a special purification process. The bacteria destroyed by all those who participated in this study destroyed all the bacteria. In another study, the use of unprocessed honey has healed the wounds and foot ulcers of 59 patients. Traditional treatment of 80% of these patients had no effect. The wounds of all others except one patient have improved. In addition, within one week of applying honey, the infected wounds were sterilized. In traditional medicine, one benefit of honey is the treatment of respiratory infections.

Clinical research has also shown that medical grade honey can destroy bacteria caused by food, such as ischitis koli and salmonella. Honey has also proven to be effective in fighting bacteria that do not have antibiotics. Honey fights with infection at many levels, making it difficult to develop resistant capacity for bacteria. On the contrary, antibiotics attack bacteria at the time when they are growing, giving them an opportunity to develop resistance.

Honey beneficial in heart care
Add a pomegranate juice and add one big spoon honey to it. Take an empty stomach every morning.

Sprinkle the needle in palm and pierce it. Dip him in honey and eat 2-4 dates twice a day.

Treatment of honey for winter cold
If you are suffering from cold-related diseases or you have to struggle with a closed nose every morning, eating neem, black pepper, honey and turmeric can be very beneficial. Here are some simple treatments:

Option 1:
Take 10 to 12 granules of black pepper and keep them soaked in two small spoons of honey overnight. Eat plenty of black pepper grains chewing in the morning. You can also add a little turmeric in honey.

Option 2:
Make a paste of neem leaves and make a pencil-shaped tablet from that paste. Dip the pellet in the honey and swallow empty stomach every morning. Do not eat anything for next 60 minutes so that Neem can spread to your body. Apart from this, other types of allergens such as skin or any food allergy can also benefit. Neem has many medicinal properties and this habit is very beneficial. If you find normal neem leaves too bitter, neem soft leaves can also be used.

Honey is an energetic food
One important use of honey in traditional medicine is used as a quick acclimatization. As already mentioned, honey contains different types of sugar, especially glucose and fructose. Although white sugar, in which fructose and glucose are together in the form of sucrose, in contrast, these two sugars differ in honey. So honey gives instant power.

The United Nations National Honey Board recommends the consumption of honey because it contains a lot of vitamins and mineral in small quantities. These include calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

Honey helps in digestion
Honey is beneficial in constipation, flatulence and gas as it is a light laxative. Probiotic or helpful bacteria in honey are also abundant which help in digestion, improve the immune system and reduce allergies. The use of honey in place of table sugar reduces the toxic effects of mycotoxins born of fungus in the intestines.

Honey fights against skin and skin infections.
Honey is also beneficial for skin and head skin. A small level study done on 30 patients, in which the effects of honey on the treatment of Seboric Dermatitis and Russian were examined, participants took 2-3 minutes every second day from thin unprocessed honey on their problem areas Light massage. The honey was left for three hours, then washed with lukewarm water. All patients show benefit from this treatment. Within a week, there was relief in Kharish and scaling disappeared, the wounds disappeared within two weeks. The problem of falling hair of patients also improved. Apart from this, patients who continued the treatment for six months after honeying once a week, did not have this problem again.

Honey helps children sleep deeply

Early results of many studies show that honey can be deeper for children. Based on parents' opinion, this study concluded that coughs decreased in children during honey and helped them sleep more deeply at night.

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