The same question will arise in the minds of girls who are going to come first time period in their life. Every girl has to face periods. Whenever it comes to periods, the girl does not feel good. But this is a very wrong thing. It is natural for girls to come in periods. That's why we should not say it wrong. In many homes, grandmother does not even let girls come to the kitchen. This creates a wrong feeling about the Period in the mind of the girl. So we should leave all this superstition and start a new life. The girl's stomach hurts in the Period. He has to face many problems. So we should always stay with the girls.

1.   First of all, I would like to say to you that it is a natural thing for a girl to come in a period. That is why we should take this thing in a normal manner at all. If we talk about a period of time before many girls, then it is very messy. This should not be done at all.
2.   When girls are having first periods, they come in the minds of girls who come in periods. Because when a girl is born, there are thousands of eggs in the womb of a girl who plays the main role during pregnancy. These eggs come out in a bloody form every month. When the girl has periods, then the hormones come out of the body of the girl, we call it an egg.
3.   Whenever the girl comes in periods, if you have sex then the chances of getting pregnant are increased. Because the egg is fertile quickly at the time of periods.
4.   When the girl comes in the period, she does not feel good at all. His whole day goes into thinking of him. But the girl should always keep herself busy in any work while not doing this. It will cost more time. Your mom is your best friend during the Periods. If you have any problem then your mother must share it. Because your mother had left this face.
5.   In Periods, 2 cups of blood goes away from your body. So you should eat good nutritious food. This will give your body energy and you will not be restless. Your mind will be with you and you will have complete concentration in the work you are doing.

6.   In Periods, the girl should not let much work. This can cause him much pain. In Periods, the girl should always keep playing laugh. When your period ends, your body starts recovering again, do not worry for it.

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