Due to Insomnia or sleepiness, many side effects start to reflect on physical - mental health. On getting deprived of sleep for a long time, a person has to undergo a distressing situation.

When this problem is exacerbated, then the person starts taking sleeping pill, drugs and so on. But with this many side effects, the disorder of insomnia emerges in new and changed forms.
Therefore, it is important to know the causes of the disease first, because treatment can not be done without knowing the root cause of insomnia.

Reason for insomnia
There may be several reasons for insomnia like
At the time of sleep, the current or future taunts - weaving
Tie in the past or do not get out of mind
Headache or body pain, childhood due to any disease
Irritation or anxiety
Surrounded by bad thoughts
Respiratory disease

All these causes of temporary sleeping are temporary. Sleep begins to ease when the disease gets exhausted and the person becomes healthy, but insomnia in hypertension is the most difficult.

Home remedies for insomnia / remedy
Sleeping continuously by taking intake of medicines, there is no sleep or sleep, yes the patient is absorbed in the semi-familiar state like addiction. Consuming the most effective home remedies for insomnia in getting rid of this condition can prove to be very beneficial.
Remedies for making insomnia -
Brahmi - 1 spoon (five grams)
Shankhuppi - 1 Tablespoon
Vijaya - 1 spoon
Khorasani Ajayan - quarter 1/4 teaspoon
Jatamansi - from 10 grams to 30 grams
Sarpagandha - ½ teaspoon
Haran - 1 Tablespoon
Ashwagandha - ½ teaspoon
Giloya - 1 spoon
Punnawa- 1 Tablespoon
Arjun - 1 spoon
Varun ½ teaspoon

Take all these twelve constituent components in their multiples as per their requirement and prepare their combined junk powder and keep them safe in a clean compartment.
When making the decoction, take 5-6 teaspoons (30 grams) of powder from the included powder and give it in half a liter of water before sleeping on the night and make a decoction on low flame in the morning.
If the fourth part is remaining frosting the decoction, filter it with a clean cloth. Eat half of the prepared decoction in the morning and half the quantity in the evening.
With the avoiding caffeine, this ayurvedic domestic decoction as a treatment regularly - regularly consuming not only removes insomnia, but due to its inherent abdominal restrictions, etc. also control and humidity.

Take care of the following things too -
Diet - avoidance should be especially taken care of, especially in patients with high blood pressure insomnia.
During the night, heavy things should not be eaten in roasting and digestion.
After the meal, two pills of Mahashankhbati should be consumed in the morning and two evening with water.
The simplest way to overcome insomnia is meditation and mental chanting.

Lying on the bed should fall into the 'Shavasana Mudra' and leave the body and mind loose.

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