Thyroid, it symptoms and main reasons

In women, the problem of thyroid is greater in men than in men. If there is information about what happens when thyroid is present, then it is east to detect disease, it can be prevented from growing at the starting time, and if there is a known reason for this disease then measures can be taken to prevent it. . Thyroid is of 2 types, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. In today's article we will learn what is thyroid and what are the main symptoms of thyroid disease in men and women?

How to do thyroid test
If you are seeing thyroid symptoms or have any doubts in mind about this disease, firstly get rid of thyroid test and confirm it.
T3, T4 and TSH test checks the thyroid levels in the body.
Before doing the test, take care of one thing that you cannot eat anything until at least 12 hours before the test.

Symptoms for thyroid disease
Body disease begins to weaken due to thyroid disease and its symptoms, due to which the ability to fight against the diseases of the body starts decreasing. Apart from this, the metabolism of the body is also slowed down and whatever we drink we do not change the energy in the right way, so that the body does not get enough energy.

The earliest signs that appear in the initial symptom are unhealthy eyes, hair and nails. When this disease occurs, the nails begin to become stale and thin. Cracks on the nails begin to appear and break quickly.

There are also eye diseases when there is a problem of thyroid in women, such as inflammation of the eyes and itching.

Thyroid start symptoms also include hair fall and baldness, and the eyebrows also begin to fall apart.

Women may also be diagnosed with epidemic such as having an irregular menstrual cycle, having periods less or overdose, or the interval between two periods is reduced or over.

Some women begin to interfere with water and other fluids in the body, due to which inflammation occurs in hands and feet.

Swelling in the throat, heavyness in the voice, and some needle stinging in the throat is also the identity of thyroid.

Obesity and decrease are also signs of thyroid. Hypothyroid leads to rapid obesity and weight gain and cholesterol levels also increase. Weight and cholesterol decreases in hyperthyroid.

In the main symptoms of thyroid in men, decreasing energy levels, irritability, weight and dietary changes, abnormal growth of breasts, and muscle pain and weakness.

More sleep, early fatigue and weakness start to feel

The ability to think and understand the mind, to stay in depression, to weaken memory and to avoid any work, does not have any other symptoms of this disease.

The problem of thyroid is less compared to the elderly in children, but if the child is suffering from this disease, it’s bad effect falls on its development. There may be problems like thyroid weakness, fatigue, weight gain, depression and irritability in the child.

Reason for thyroid disease
The effect of taking excess tension on the thyroid gland

This disease can also be caused by side effects of a medicine (medicine)

Iodine content in thyroid supplements also occurs due to low or even overdose.

One reason why thyroid is present is also genetic. If someone has a thyroid problem in the family, then the other members of the family also get the chance of getting the disease.

During pregnancy, pregnancy is more likely to have thyroid disease because there are a variety of hormonal changes in the body of pregnant woman during pregnancy.

This disease can also be caused by excessive use of soya product. Some people use soy as protein powder.

Pollution has a negative effect on our health. It causes diseases related to respiratory diseases, as well as toxic particles present in the air also harm the thyroid gland.

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