Suddenly a pain in the teeth? So try these home remedies

Pain in the tooth is a very painful situation for anyone. Many times this pain is so painful that it affects the person's ability to think and understand. But, to get relief from this pain, we can adopt home remedies with a few easy steps. Toothache is caused by many reasons, such as from any type of infection or due to diabetes or not properly cleaning the tooth. There are some allopathic medicines for teeth pain, but they have very bad effects due to which people want some home remedies to be cured. If you are also troubled with toothache and want effective home remedies for its treatment, then follow the steps given below. Effective home remedies for the treatment of toothache

Whenever the home remedies of toothache are spoken, the name of the Asafoetida comes first. This happens because it releases the toothache immediately. It is also very easy to use. Mix a pinch of asafetida with Citrus limetta juice and take it in cotton and keep it near your painful tooth. Since asafoetida is found in almost every home, this remedy is considered to be very easy, simple and effective for toothache.

Cloves contain medicinal properties which destroy bacteria and other germs (jerms, bacteria). Because the main cause of toothache is the development of bacteria and other germs, so the use of cloves is the destruction of bacteria and other germs, which leads to toothache disappear. In home remedies, cloves are placed near the tooth that contains pain. But the process of pain reduction is a bit slower, so it requires patience.

Onion is a great home remedy for toothache. The person who consumes onions on a daily basis reduces the complaint of toothache because onions contain some medicinal properties that destroy the mouth jerks, bacteria and bacteria. If you have pain in your tooth, keep the onion piece near the tooth or chew the onions. After sometime you will feel comfortable.

Garlic also provides much relief in toothache. In fact garlic has antibiotic properties which have the ability to fight various types of infection. If your toothache is due to any type of infection, then garlic will remove the infection so that your toothache will also be cured. For this you should chew two of the two garlic gums. If you want, you can cut the garlic or grind it and keep it near your painful tooth. Garlic has elicin, which destroys bacteria, jerks, bacteria, etc. near the tooth.

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