Pain in the stomach
A person has a feeling of pain in the upper or lower part of the stomach, whose intensity can range from mild pain to sudden ache pain. Stomach ache can occur some time or longer, and can be fast or even less is. The place of pain in the abdomen can be in the upper or lower left corner of the upper left, right or left edge, upper, middle and lower part. Pain in the stomach can be due to many different factors that can range from mammals to severe such as excessive gas to other serious conditions such as appendicitis. Some women also experience stomach pain during pregnancy. The doctors diagnose the cause of stomach aches on the basis of your pain history, physical examination and test.

Types of Stomach Pain
There are following types of abdominal pain
Normal pain
Normal pain occurs in half or more part of the stomach. This pain can happen with many different diseases and usually gets cured without treatment. Indigestion and stomach problems are the cause of general stomach ache. Home remedies can help relieve some problems. Mild pain or severe pain which becomes more serious over time can be a sign of intestinal obstruction.
Severe pain
Severe pain occurs in one part of the stomach. Sudden and worse local pain can be a symptom of a serious problem. The pain of appendicitis starts in the form of normal pain, but it often begins to be in a part of the stomach. Pain of gall bladder disease or peptic ulcer disease often starts in a part of the stomach and remains in the same place. Local pain which becomes gradually more serious can be a symptom of swelling of any part of the stomach.
Cramping is a kind of pain that keeps coming or going in the condition or severity of being. Cramps are mostly normal until they get relief from passing gas or sewage. Many women have cramps during menstruation. Normal spasm is usually not the cause of concern unless it gets worse, stay for more than 24 hours or in one place. Cramps that start with diarrhea or other common health problems can be painful, but this is usually not serious.

Symptoms of abdominal pain
Stomach pain is a symptom in itself, which means that a person has a problem that requires treatment. Take care of your symptoms because it will help the doctor know the cause of your pain.
If you have a very severe pain in your stomach or if it occurs with any of the following symptoms, consult the doctor as soon as possible.
Inability to pass the stool, especially if you are getting vomit
Shortness of breath
Vomiting blood
Painful or abnormally frequent urination
Pain during pregnancy
Tummy feeling
Pain in the stomach due to injury
Pain stay for several days
These symptoms can be an indication of an internal problem that may require treatment as soon as possible.

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