Reasons for Stomach Pain -
Stomach pain can be due to many reasons, some of the main causes are
Irrelevant Bowl Syndrome (A disorder that affects the large intestine)
Menstrual cramps
Stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis)
Food poisoning
Food Allergy
Lactose intolerance (unhealthy natural body found in milk and dairy products)
Ulcer or abscess
Inflammatory disease of the pelvic region
Crohn's disease (swelling of the digestive tract)
Ulcerative colitis
Urinary tract infection
Some other causes of stomach ache
Some heart attacks and pneumonia can also cause stomach ache.
Pelvic or stomach pain may occur in diseases of the part of the stomach and stomach.
Some skin rashes and herpes can also cause pain in the stomach.
Dangers of poisonous insects can also cause stomach ache.

Stomach pain prevention measures
There are many causes of stomach pain, some of which will be in your control but you may prevent yourself from having stomach ache due to some other reason by making some changes in lifestyle. The following habits can help you

Reduce food speed
If you eat bigger chunks and eat without chewing, it is possible that you swallow the air with food that makes the gas in your stomach, which can lead to stomachache. That's why chew slowly and take time to swallow.

Reduce the interval between meals
Some people have stomach ache during the intervals between meals. If this happens to you, take a meal or snacks at short intervals throughout the day so that your stomach is not empty for long periods. However, it can also be on the contrary. If you eat more then you may have pain in your stomach.

Keep your food in mind
Fatty, fried or spicy foods can cause problems in your stomach. This can slow down the process of your digestive system and you may be more likely to get constipation. If you eat more nutritious foods with vegetables and fiber, your digestive system remains healthy.

Consult your doctor
If you have a flat stomach after eating milk or after eating a certain thing then consult your doctor. It may happen that you have insensitivity towards dairy products or any other type of food. Your doctor can help you find out ways to stay away from them.

Drink more water
Water keeps your stomach activity right so that you stay regular. When you feel thirsty, drink water and reduce the consumption of loose drinks (such as cold-drink). Carbon-containing beverages can gas, causing abdominal pain. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages can cause problems in some people's stomach, so if you have trouble with them then stay away from them.

Wash your hands
A common cause of stomach ache is gastroenteritis (a disease caused by infection and swelling in the digestive system), sometimes called stomach virus. It can cause diarrhea, nausea, fever or headache. The best way to stop the spread of microbes is to wash your hands frequently, especially after eating, after going to the toilet and attending public places.

Stay relaxed
Some people develop heartbeats due to stress or sweat in their palms or they are stomach ache. So stay relaxed and you can do things like exercise, meditation, etc. to do this. If they do not work, consult your doctor.

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