Migraine, its Reason and Home remedies

When everyday headaches begin to pass through, do not ignore it, because it can also be a migraine. It would be better to understand the symptoms of migraine and be cautious.
Migraines are a type of headache, in which the sufferer suffers a very severe headache. People think that migraine is only half of the head, but it is not.

Migraines can be in half, whole or in any part of the head. One out of four women and one in 12 men struggles with the problem of migraine. Nearly 30 percent of people suffer from this problem in the US, while more people in India are troubled by the problem of migraine.

Migraine is a type of long-term headache, which can cause severe pain for several hours or several days. During this time there may be problems like headache, jaichi, vomiting, ear ringing and hearing disorders.

Migraine may be dangerous in such a way
There are usually two types of migraine attacks. Aurera-free migraine attack (common migraine) and second Aure migraine attack (classic migraine). Normal migraine usually spreads to the head through a slight or very painful pain, and the pain spreads throughout the head.

Pain can last for four to 72 hours. Pain in the classic migraine is similar to the common migraine. The only difference is that in this, a person suffering from a warning sign (before Aura) begins to appear before headache.

Aura is the glow of fire, the appearance of dark spots, the appearance of things rotating or shaking, the limbs in hand and feet, food crew, it may seem like feeling difficulty while speaking. In such a situation, it can be stopped by medication before headache starts.

What is the main reason of Migraine?
The main reason for migraine is not yet known. It is generally believed that due to the contraction of the blood vessel present in some parts of the brain, the condition of first Aura and later migraine occurs. But lifestyle is also responsible for this.

Women may suffer from lower levels of estrogen hormones, or at the time of periods or even earlier. In addition, excess use of caffeine, consumption of alcohol, stress, discomfort, not enough sleep, more travel, spicy food, physical exhaustion, sensory stimulation, such as fast light, photophobia, disturbed by light, Eyebrows from sunlight are due to migraine etc.

If there is a light pain, take dysprinas, but if there is a severe headache with the above symptoms, then contact the doctor.

Home Remedies for Migraine
Everyone knows how painful migraine headache is. This pain starts all of a sudden and it gets better on its own. The comfort and love that comes with the touch of hands affects more than any medicine.

In this pain if massage of head, neck and shoulders can be very helpful in relieving this pain. For this, light aroma aroma oil can be used.

Dip the towels in warm water, massage those parts of the heated towels. Some people get relief from this kind of massage made with cold water. You can also use ice cubes for this.

Mix camphor with ghee and lightly massage your head on the head. Mix sugar mixed with buttermilk

Grind lemon peel and apply it on the forehead, the migraine is cured.

Yoga and meditation on being a migraine. This will reduce stress. But, wherever used, light should not be light, bright sunlight, sharp odor. Migraine patients should take good sleep

Also do not consume spicy food, junk and canned food, alcohol, smoking. Consume fresh fruits, protein-rich diet such as milk, curd, cheese, pulses, meat and fish.

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