Home remedies for treating inflammation and burning in the hands and feet

Whether there is pain in the joints or the hands are on the back pain, nowadays, there is a tradition of using English medicines to treat a little pain in our homes. By taking allopathy medicine you get relief once, but these medicines can prove to be harmful to our body. Consumption of these medicines has a bad effect on our kidneys. Therefore, we should avoid the use of English medicines as much as possible and adopt domestic methods for the treatment of diseases. Now let's go home remedies and Ayurvedic prescriptions to get rid of pain, swelling and irritation in hands and feet.

What causes hand and foot pain?
Pain in hands and feet can be anywhere in the fingers, ankles, capsules and soles. There can be many reasons for this pain. Causes of cervical discomfort causes pain in the shoulders,  hands, neck and numbness. Pain in the waist, legs and hips can also be due to discomfort. If you are struggling with cervical or discomfort, then you should consult a doctor. Only then will there be any other remedies.
Due to sugar
Obesity reasons
Walk for long time
Over age
Stand for long
A special disease
Lack of nutrition in the body
These problems are also found in the players and the daily gymnasts.

Home remedies and prescriptions for pain in hand

Water therapy
Take two utensils heated one and filled the cold water in the other. Put the feet in hot water for two to three minutes, and then keep this experiment three to four times in cold water for fifteen to twenty seconds. This remedy is known as hot and cold water therapies. These home remedies are effective in treating hands and feet.

Clove oil
Using clove oil is the perfect remedy for joint pain and toothache in the body, massage of this oil gives muscles a relief and the pain problem decreases.

Rock salt
Using rock salt, we can also relieve the pain of hand. Take a bucket of hot water and mix two to three spoons rock salt in it and keep your feet in it for ten minutes. This brings relief to the pain soon

Treatment of ice pain
This remedy is called ice therapy. Put ice in a plastic bag and massage the place of pain or sunny place. Do not use ice bags more than ten minutes.

Remedies for the solution of mustard seeds
Take the mustard seed and grind them and mix them in hot water. Put hot water in a large vessel, then give this water to your feet. By doing so, the blood flow in the nerves gets cured and pain is rested. This remedy also provides relief from inflammation.

Home remedies for burning on hands and feet

There may be several causes of irritation of the feet such as sugar, blood pressure disease, due to blood circulation, due to weakness in the muscles, due to old age or the side effects of any medication, Deficiency of vitamins

To get rid of irritation in the feet, you should eat more vitamins rich foods.

Rubbing / mixing on a piece of locks gives the feet coolness and relief in irritation

Add little ginger juice to coconut or olive oil, then heat it a bit. After this, massage the feet and ankles on it for ten to fifteen minutes. By doing this you will get rid of the problem of irritation.

You can chew ginger to fix or increase the flow of blood in the body. Chewing ginger gives relief from legs pain, and with this, the whole body gets relief.

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