Home-based Ayurvedic remedies for the treatment of Teeth Pain

The person gets disturbed whenever there is pain, but when there is pain in the molar or tooth, it is difficult to tolerate. Tooth worm, tooth decay and some fashions in the molar are some of the reasons for toothache. Some people also take medicines of pain in the tooth to get rid of the pain in the tooth, but you can also take home remedies and home-based Ayurvedic remedies for the treatment of Teeth Pain, which will remove pain in a few minutes. Will seem to happen. Let's go home remedies toothache,

If the pain in the molar or tooth sharpens, then grind a small piece of GINGER a bit and keep it in the teeth on the painful place and close the mouth. Now the juice of ginger will continue slowly, in a little while you will find relief in pain.

Toothache is a panacea for treatment, people who eat raw ONION daily; they have less teeth related diseases. Onions contain medicinal properties that destroy the bacteria. If you have a tooth pan, press an onion piece between the teeth or you can chew the onion. This home remedies will help you in pain relief in a little bit.

Put the ALUM WITH WATER on the pan and put it on the fire. When the alum is blown by water, take it off from the fire and grind the alum and make the powder. Now add one fourth part of the powder of alum powder to PC turmeric and fill the mixture inside the toothache area and inside the hole. This type of toothache is a medicine that will help to relieve the toothache and palate pain in a few minutes.

Use of ASAFOETIDA is a great way to get relief from toothache immediately. Dip the asafoetida in seasonal juice and put it in a painful place in the teeth. If not seasonal then you can also use lemons.

To treat worms in the tooth, keep a piece of ONION in a place of worms for ten minutes. The worm will end on doing this remedy several times a day for a few days every day. Apart from this, it can also rinse onion juice.

CLOVES are also useful in domestic remedies for toothache. Clove destroys the bacteria of teeth. Keep the clove in the painful place of Teeth for pain treatment; in a short time the pain will be relaxed. But the process of removing pain in the clove is slow, so after having the remedy for clove you should be patient with some patience.

GARLIC has antibiotic properties to fight infection. To treat the pain in the tooth, grind the garlic in rock salt and place it in a painful place.

If the tooth is broken or fallen and blood is bleeding then take the water of salt and rinse it, the bleeding from the teeth will stop.

To do the home remedies of toothache, mix a little powdered salt with sesame oil and rub the teeth with the help of finger. The pain of the tooth is removed daily on this remedy.

Always brush the teeth with light hands, the brush should never be tightened tightly. If you do dentifrice, always use the big finger in the middle of the funnel, because there is an electric current in the index finger of the thumb near the thumb, causing the teeth to weaken quickly.

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