Health is Wealth

We all hear from our childhood that Health is wealth. But we think this is a simple sentence only and don’t realize that its sense and meaning is so tremendous and deep. It is 100% true that Health is more important than wealth.

Health and wealth are like two sides of a coin. Only a person who is fit and healthy can feel the postiveness of life. Without health, people would not like anything. Life is not merely to be alive but to be healthy and wealthy. We should make the life in such a way that we live very happily without taking much strain and stress. 

We should never forget that without health there is nothing in our life. Health is more valuable for us than other things in the life because it is the only tool of success. Unhealthy people can never get the real joy and peace of life.

People are suffering from many diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, overweight, kidney problems, high blood pressure etc and we know our lifestyles is the main problem of these diseases. What’s the point if a person can afford to go to a luxurious hotel for dinner but can’t eat there because of his health? So a wise man would definitely give more importance to health than wealth. 

We always remember the saying “Prevention is better Than Cure”.
Try to maintain a healthy life by following this rule in your life
 “Early To Bed; Early To Rise; Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”
“A Sound Mind makes a Sound Body”
“An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away”

A healthy person sings the glory of life and works hard to realize his dreams however a rich but diseased person gets easily tired by both, physically and mentally. A healthy person complains. So, everyone should take much precaution in maintaining a good health which needs to be away from bad habits and unhealthy life style.

I hope people who read my article should follow all the good things that make them healthier.

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