Golden Period of Diabetes

Many researches in type 2 diabetes have shown that if this disease is properly treated in the early years, long-term benefits remain. Actually type 2 diabetes does not occur overnight. In most cases, the first reduction in the activity of insulin hormone is due to which there is pressure to make more insulin on the pancreas. For some years, Pactrias insulin-making beta cells work more and are also successful in keeping the sugar normal. When doing Beta works, when Beta Cells get tired, it does not remove the required amount of insulin and the sugar starts increasing, i.e., diabetes occurs.

In the beginning, treatment means properly - make tired beta cells re-workable. That is why if the sugar level on the diagnosis increases a lot, then the American Diabetes Association recommends taking insulin for a few weeks or months. Insulin is a hormone formed in pancreatitis and if it is supplied for some time outside, then beta cells get relief and they may be able to re-insulin.

There are some medicines for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, which removes insulin from beta cells. In the beginning, if more work is done than the exhausted Beta cells, the sugar control is done but these medicines may reduce the capacity of beta cells in the future. At the same time many medicines increase the life of beta cells by increasing the activity of insulin. If the activation of insulin is increased from the time of diagnosis, with its drug and exercise, its benefits remain for a long time. The first ten years of diabetes is a golden period. Do your best treatment at the moment, this is the formula that can be healthy with diabetes.

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