Essential of Vitamin B Complex, its Soucres and Elements

Vitamin B complex is water-soluble vitamin. This is the essential vitamin for our body. If vitamin B complexes decrease in the body, memory power may become weak, you can suddenly feel tired, can become victims of depression.

In order to be healthy, we always try to adopt a balanced and nutritious diet, but still there are some such deficiencies in our catering, so many health problems start to bother us. Vitamins and micronutrients are very important in running the body smoothly, but vitamin B complex is an element that helps in working properly with the brain and nervous system. Its lack can certainly prove to be harmful to the health at large scale.

Why Vitamin B Complex is essential
Lack of vitamin B complex resulted into wrinkles and burning sensation, swelling in the tongue, trouble remembering anything, yellowing of the skin, feeling weakness, difficulty walking, unnecessary fatigue, depression etc. If there is a considerable decrease in vitamin B-12 in the body, then the veins of the spinal cord begin to be destroyed. In such a situation, the person may also have an attack of paralysis.

Sources of Vitamin B Complex
Often, the question arises that what we should include in our diet, so that there is no shortage of Vitamin B complex in our body. Although carbohydrates contain plenty of vitamin B complex, but vegetarians should pay particular attention to their diet. Vitamin B is some of the main sources of complex. We should consume plenty of dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, cheese, butter, soy milk etc. Apart from this, Vitamin B is also partly found in vegetables grown in the ground like potatoes, carrots, radish, turnips, beetroot etc.

Elements of Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin-B is not an element It is found in many forms. It is mainly four-B-1, B-2, B-6 and B-16 etc. These are called collectively as 'B-Complex'. B-complexic Vitamin-C (Ascorbic acid) is soluble in water.

The first member of the vitamin-B group is 'thymine'. Hence it is called B-1. It keeps the nerves and digestive system healthy. Provides the power to fight microbes. Its lack of appetite seems less hungry. We experience weakness. There is a disease called 'Beri-Beri'. The problem of mental imbalance arises. It is obtained from barley, millet, jowar, flour, rice, soyabean, wheat, sprouted grains, porridge, peas and peanuts.

Vitamin B12 is also called 'ribo-flobin'. It is essential for mouth, tongue and eyes. With its deficiency the tongue turns red, mouth blisters fall. The angles of the mouth rupture, the nasal gets scabbed at the door. The eyes become weak. Milk, yeast, cereals, pulses, curd and green leafy vegetables are its main source.

Vitamin B6 is called 'pyridoxine' in the language of chemistry. It is essential for skin. Due to its lack, the intellect becomes dim. The body comes in the constellation. It is found in milk, liver, yeast, meat and grain.

The chemical name of Vitamin B12 is 'Sionokabalamin'. It is essential for skin, nerve, tissue, bones and muscles. Its deficiency leads to anemia disease. It mainly meets meat, fish, egg, milk and cheese.

Other vitamins in B-complex are: nicotonic acid, biotin, pentothanic acid and folic acid etc.

B-Complex can also be consumed as medicine. Vitamin C is also mixed with most vitamins medicines. There are many famous brands of B-Complex medicines. Among them are KobeDEC Fort Capsule, B-Flex Fort Tablet, Polly-themed Syrup and Tablet, Biko Jimsey-Fort Tablet, Basilek etc.

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