The pain of any organ or place in the body disturbs the person. Ears pain in these pains creates some more problems. Although the problem of pain in the ear is greater for younger children, but the problem of ear pain has also been found in large people. There are some common problems that occur in both the children and the elderly, such as earache, ear swelling, hearing of ear and ear in ear, ear closure etc.

Causes of ear pain
The ear is a very soft and vital part of the body. Its composition is complex and extremely delicate. The cause of earache is the inhibition of the eustachian tube. The eustassian tube starts from the throat and mixes the medulla. In the tube the obstruction occurs due to the following reasons which cause pain in the ear.
To treat ear pain, it is important to first know the cause of ear pain because sometimes due to lack of right information, we do the wrong treatment for the pain of ear. Followings may be the causes of ear pain.
Ear worm
To get water in the ears
Infection or any allergic to ear
Cold and cough
Accumulation of ear
There are many symptoms of ear disease, the following are the major ones.

Chronic pain in the ear
Ear irritation
Feeling heaviness in the ear
Hear less

Home remedies for ear pain
If the pain in the ear is intense then immediately grind the basil leaves and take out the juice and put some drops in the ear. The use of basil juice is done two to three times a day, pain of the ear is removed and the infection is also eliminated. Even if the ear has been wounded, it also provides relief from the ear treatment of ear pain.

Put the fenugreek seeds in oil and heat it. When fenugreek is black, take it off and cool it. After cooling, filtering it in the ear gives relief immediately with ear pain.

Put two to three buds of garlic in the mustard oil and heat it, then filter this oil after cooling. Then put two to three drops of oil in the ear. The pain in the ear will be relieved.

Garlic has antibiotic and antiseptic properties that help in infections and ear pain removal.

In the pain of the ear, you can grind garlic and put its juice in the ear too. This home remedies for ear pain, home remedies for ear pain, get relief very quickly in ear pain.

Grind neem leaves and squeeze the juice with a clean cloth or napkin. With the help of cotton, putting two to three drops of this juice in the ear will get relief in ear pain or pain of children's ear. If there is any type of infection in the ear, then it will also get relief.

Neem oil also works like an Ayurvedic medicine in the treatment of ear pain. Put some drops of neem oil in the ear and then put cotton on the ear for some time.

Olive oil is very beneficial in treating ear pain. Luking olive oil, putting three to four drops in the ear. This will keep you in ear pain immediately.

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