Conjunctivitis, Introduction,Reason,Symptoms,Treatment

Being blind in the eyes, feeling some stuttering in the eyes and having pain are the main symptoms of Conjunctivitis. It also hurts the opening of the eyes in this disease. Pain increases due to excessive eyesight or excessive weight on the eyes. Due to the increase of this disease, water starts coming out of the eyes and a thicker matter is also known which is called a mud (mud). This sludge sticks to the eyelids by getting more out in the night.

Younger children suffer more from eye disease because younger children play long hours regardless of winter or heat they do not care about anybody. Due to the falling dust particles in the eyes while playing outside for this reason, the pain in the eyes and swelling comes. Air pollution causes great damage to the eyes. Due to toxic fumes of trains on the road, various types of diseases are produced in the eyes.

It is an infectious disease that spreads rapidly from one child to another. Diseases in the eyes spread by using a patient's towels or handkerchief in the house. In this disease, swelling occurs in the eyes and the eyes become red. Mud appears on the edge of the eyelids. In the sunlight, the patient feels very painful and irritable in opening the eyes when a patient gets up in the morning after sleeping at night and does not open his eyelids due to pooja (sage, mud) and from the lap poo Sticks. Due to swelling in the eyes, children can not sleep at night. Children feel that something has fallen in the eyes. The patient also has a headache. Darkness begins to spread before the eyes.

Mixing grams of roasted salt in honey and putting it in the morning and evening eyes gives relief in the disease of the eye.
Grinding Chandrodaya Varni (light) and applying honey in the eyes with eyes helps remove eye diseases. By grinding the gold fly and mixing it with honey in the morning and evening, there is a benefit in the disease of eye contact.

Nutmeg: Grind nutmeg and mix it in the milk morning and evening in the eyes and get relief in the disease.

Boil 10 grams turmeric in about 200 ml water and filter it, it is less painful of eyes than putting it in the eyes like drops repeatedly. This leads to sludge in the eyes and redness of eyes and diseases etc. In this removal, use the painted yellow color when it comes to the eye. At that time, cleaning the eyes with this clothes is beneficial.

Cook turmeric in turmeric pulse and dry it in the shade, rub it in water, and apply it twice in the day before evening. It benefits from zamachar disease, white blisters and redness of the eyes.

Put Mulhathi in water and keep it in water. After 2 hours immerse cotton wool in the water and keep it on the eyelids. It removes eye irritation and pain. With swelling of the eyelids or eyelids in the eyelids, frying together the aloe vera, rheumatoid and alum together with the eyelids is very comfortable.

Coriander: Prepare a decoction of coriander and thoroughly filter it. Now drop this decoction into the eyes in every 2-3 hours after drop-down. It gives eyes relief. Before starting this decoction, put a drop of powdered oil (castor oil) in the eyes. It is a very beneficial drug for eye irritation and eye pain.

Applying in the eyes with Saturnashi (yellow dhaum) milk, Goghar (cow's ghee) is beneficial. This milk does not get all the time, so when you get this milk, then collect this milk and keep it dry. After this, mixing it in cow dung (cow's ghee) when needed, applying eyebrows in the eyes like mascara helps remove eye disease.
Remove the milk of Satnashashi (yellow dhaatura) from the milk and apply it in the eyes with the help of a saliva, the swelling of the eyes and pain is removed.

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