Back Pain, Its Reasons and Symptoms, remedies and preventation

In the olden days, only after 35 years, people had a faced the problem of Back Pain. But in today's time, Many Young people are suffering from the problem of Back Pain. In India, 60% of people have to face the problem of Back Pain in their lifetime. The main reason of decreasing our health is the change of our lifestyle rather the environment. 
If there is a back pain for a day or two, there is no scary thing in it, but if this pain increases daily, it is a cause of trouble for you. By bringing change in your lifestyle, we can always get rid of back pain. Let's look at the prevention and redress as a result of having a back pain.

The main Reasons of Back Pain
1.    Suffer mental stress job
2.    Seating job
3.    Pregnancy
4.    Smoking
5.    Obesity
6.    Depression
7.    Weight lifting
8.    Bad Sleeping
9.    More worrying
10. Incorrectly due to sit

Symptoms of Back Pain
1.    Foot Pain
2.    Back ache
3.    Pain in the body, bending or walking
4.    In the joint space between the spine move

Back Pain Remedies

1.    Heat the salt and bundle it in a cotton cloth. Now make the waist up with this bottle.

2.    Add salt in hot water and mix it. Now soak a towel in this water soak it and squeeze. Laying the belly on the stomach with this towel and steaming the waist.

3.    Bones weaken due to the lack of vitamin D and calcium, which leads to back pain. That is why eating more such things, in which Vitamin D and Calcium are abundant. Sitting in the morning sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes and drinking milk daily.

4.    To get rid of back pain, put garlic in a pan of mustard oil and cook it. Now massage the waist well with this oil.

5.    Take more quantity of garlic. Garlic is heated, so eating garlic provides relief in back pain.

6.    Eat Tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, cauliflower, carrot, beetroot and cucumber in excessive at the time of  back pain.

7.     Put the Halite in hot water and take bath. Along with back pain, hot water also removes fatigue.

8.    Eat a pinch soda with water in the morning and evening.

9.    Mix cinnamon powder in honey and eat twice a day regularly and get relief in back pain.

10. After chewing on roasted oatmeal, it starts relaxing in back pain in a few days.

11. To get rid of back pain, drink twice a day with clove, black pepper and ginger powder in the tea.

12.  Due to a two-mile walk in the morning, there is never a problem of back pain.

How to prevent back pain

1.    Due to muscle weakness, back pain occurs. Use Yoga and Exercise daily to strengthen the muscles.

2.    Do not place high pillows under the head.

3.    The most effect on the spinal cord is to increase the stomach fat, so to improve your eating habit, and not to increase the stomach fat.

4.     Relax completely when there is Back Pain.

5.    Do not sit in the same position for a long time.

6.     If there is more pain in Back Pain, then definitely get the doctor, and take some medicines according to the doctor's advice.

7.    Avoid to wears Shoes and slipper of more hills. Try to wear simple and flat slippers, shoes.

8.    Always keep the waist straight while working. Bending is the main reason of back pain.

9.    Never get up and sit with a shock.

10.  Avoid to life heavy things.

11. The main reason for back pain is to sit in one place for more time. That is why don’t sit in one place for long time and do not work continuously. If you do a job sitting, then keep  taking break after some interval.

12. Do not sit on the chair for long periods of time. It may be dangerous for you to bow down.

13. Try to walk more and more.

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