Abdominal pain treatment
On the basis of the causes of pain, abdominal pain can be treated by various types of doctors. If pain is severe then you may have to be admitted to an emergency situation in the hospital where emergency medicine physicians will take care of you.
You can use a heating pad to reduce stomachache. Chamomile or mint tea can help reduce the gas. However, the following treatment can be made for stomach pain.
For gas pain, symethicon-containing medicines can relieve abdominal pain.
You can use antacid or acid-reducing medicines for burning from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
For constipation, a laxative drug can help you.
For diarrhea, loparamide or bismuth sub-salicylate medicines can help you to feel better.
For other types of pain, acetaminophen may be helpful but stay away from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin ibuprofen or neroprosten.

You should go to the doctor if you have some of these symptoms
Pain or pain in severe stomach stays for several days.
Nausea and fever.
Blood in the stools
Pain in urinating
Blood in the urine
Do not pass sewage and vomiting
Injuries in the stomach before pain.
Irritation in the stomach and not getting cured by medicines.

Abstinence in abdominal pain
Avoid the following substances when you have stomach ache
Dietary products such as milk and paneer and foods such as cream or meat are high in fat, which is not good for stomach ache
Acid content can be high in food - Tomato content as well as acid reflux from citrus-based products.
Drinking alcohol can give you gas, so do not eat it
 Processed foods - processed foods are rich in many chemicals and preservatitis, which can cause problems in your stomach.
Caffeine and chocolate food can also cause stomach aches

What should eat in stomach ache?
The following things can be beneficial for you in abdominal pain.
Bananas contain potassium, which can help you with the problem of being dehydrated or vomiting.
Rice, potatoes and other starchy foods make digestion easier and relax the stomach.
Soup - Both liquids and high salt substances can keep you hydrated.
Papaya keeps digestion healthy, reduces indigestion and helps in constipation.
Ginger works well as vomiting and maintains digestive health.
In addition to the soothing effects of hot tea, mint and chamomile tea solve problems of stomach.
Coconut water can help relax the stomach problems.

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