It is common for a person to complain of blood pressure in today's episode and stressful life. Dizziness, dark in the eyes, cold feet of the feet, unconsciousness for some moment, laying down, sitting and standing change the blood pressure levels, these are all signs of low blood pressure. If you have low-blood pressure problem, read effective solution -

Drink 1 water immediately. Eat if you have diabetes
Sit immediately or lie down.
Bind your fist, then open it. Do this so often.
Keep moving your feet, that is, keep active.

Put 50 grams of chickpeas and 10 grams of raisins in 100 grams of water in any glass utensil. Eat chickpeas and raisins in the morning and chew it after properly, after that drink water. If anyone does not like chickpeas, only the raisins can be used.

Carrots and spinach can also be very beneficial for the person who has low blood pressure. For this, about a quarter of a cup of spinach juice is mixed with a 200 gram of Carrot Juice. It will prove to be very profitable for you.

Blood pressure is controlled even after consuming salt, roasted cumin seeds and asafetida in 3 buttermilk.

By taking 4 cinnamon powder with hot water daily, you can get the benefit in this problem, for this, use this morning and evening.

Because of the low-BP, if there is a complaint of dizziness, mixing honey with amla juice gives relief very quickly. Apart from this, mango juice is also a better option for patients with blood pressure.
 It is very beneficial in low blood pressure to drink Boil date in Milk. You can also drink milk by eating dates.

By ginger small, add lemon juice and rock salt in it. Now eat it a little before the daily meal. You can also consume it 3 to 4 times a day. By doing so, the problem of blood pressure will end in a few days.
Add little black pepper and salt to 8 tomatoes juice and drink. This will benefit in low blood pressure shortly after.

Beetroot juice proves to be very beneficial in maintaining normal blood pressure. By taking it every morning and evening, blood pressure improves in one week.

In addition to all these remedies, low blood pressure patients should eat nutritious foods, as well as walking or exercising can prove to be extremely beneficial for them.

Other diseases due to malnutrition and treatment of malnutrition

Other diseases due to malnutrition
Malnutrition is not only a disease; it can also cause some other diseases. Not only those who do not get enough food, but also those who do not have essential nutrients like Vitamin, Carbohydrate, Protein, they may have to face malnutrition. The most common type of malnutrition is protein and energy related, which is due to the lack of energy and proteins in the diet with all the essential nutrients such as carbohydrate, fat and protein deficiency. In fact, the cause of malnutrition depends on the quality of the person's food. There are many types of malnutrition too, and this depends on the amount of nutrient deficiency which remains in the diet for how long and at what age.
Body decay - In this disease, the patient's skeletal system begins to weaken, in the untimely condition, the disease is converted into a disease called quaciorcore, in which the body is swollen and the face also appears to be very flushed, it is also called "moon face" it is said.

Other types of malnutrition can also be fatal for life, because there can be diseases like anemia, scurvy, pellagra, berry-berry, due to lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.

The main ingredient of blood is the red blood coronary, which is made of hemoglobin, this hemoglobin contains iron. This hemoglobin itself helps in convection of oxygen from the blood. Therefore, iron deficiency causes the body to complain of fatigue.
Due to the lack of iodine, mental deformities and brain diseases are the major cause of the disease in the world. There are 780 million people all over the world due to iodine deficiency due to thyroid related diseases, which causes swelling in the thyroid gland which is called goiter disease and its worst effect is on the brain, which can not be developed without iodine. . Due to the lack of zinc, growth is blocked and immunity is weak. It also increases the likelihood of diarrhea and pneumonia

Vitamin A deficiency also weakens the body's immune system. Due to which many other diseases start attacking the body, this reduction affects the effect of the eyes,
Identification of symptoms and malnutrition

Identifying the initial symptoms and getting treatment on time, the problem of malnutrition can be reduced. There are several ways available to identify this, in which Malnutrition universal screening tools are major, it is designed to identify malnourished adults, this is a 5-stage plan:

First Step: To see the scores by removing the body mass index by measuring the length and weight.

Second step: Note the reduced weight of the plan without any plans and see the score. As the normal weight decreases in 5 to 10% of the normal life, 1 reduces the score, but losing weight by 10% makes the score 2.

Step 3: Scores are determined by seeing mental and physical conditions. For example, if the person is sick and is not taking food for 5 consecutive days then the score will be 3.

Step 4: The total risk score is drawn by adding scores of the above three steps.

Step 5: Now to get the plan of care, you have to get the help of the nearest guideline. If the person is at minimum risk of malnutrition then the score will be 0 but being a score means that there are chances of getting the disease and having more than 2 means that the patient is in very big risk.


MUST is used only to identify malnutrition, and further treatment has to go to the doctor. Quke does not tell the lack of any VISI nutrient

After the screening with the help of MUST the treatment process begins. At low risk, nutritious diet can be started at the hospital or at home. Diet is determined for 3 days if it is slightly higher If more risk happens, the person has to take treatment from a dietician.

The type of treatment depends on the severity of malnutrition which can be possible from the initial level to the severely severe situation. For this, dietician makes some changes in diet in which it is ensured that there is a sufficient nutrient diet. For this balanced diet is given. Fortified food which contains extra nutrients is given; calorie-rich beverages are given. The use of ready to use food (RUTFs) has also been used for malnutrition children, in the event of severe malnutrition, this food benefits greatly.

what is malnutrition, its type and causes

According to the World Health Organization 462 million people are victims of malnutrition and 159 million children are affected by this. In 118 countries 140 million school children and 7 million pregnant women are becoming victims of malnutrition. The biggest factor affecting the health of a person is the body's nutrition, because the body needs nutrients and energy in balanced quantities for good health. The names of the essential elements in a balanced diet are: Protein, fats, carbohydrate, vitamins, fiber and water. This requirement depends on age, gender and lifestyle. Taking these elements in more or less quantities can have bad effects on health. Malnutrition can be caused by 2 reasons: - Due to the lack of nutrients or excess that can be called short or extreme nutrition.

In any country or city, if people are suffering from malnutrition on a large scale, then there are several reasons for which economic, social and political reasons are possible: -
Social status
The cause of malnutrition is not only the excess or lack of nutrition, but it also affects the social condition. It is also possible with population growth, in which only one part of society gets all the nutrition. And the other side seems to suffer from malnutrition. Similarly, during times of war, the chances of malnutrition increase and it is common to see this problem in older children too. In this way, in fact, the main problem has become in the health related problems of malnutrition society. Today, the youth wants to keep their body fit and compromise in nutrients, the excess of junk food in the food also depends on the nutrients in the body. Reduces

According to the World Food Program (WFP), approximately 1.02 billion people worldwide suffer from malnutrition and hunger. This means that out of every 6 people, one does not have the necessary food and a healthy life. Due to this, starvation and malnutrition are at the top in health related problems all over the world, and even more so, more than these, seeing AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis all together. Natural disasters, poverty, lack of agriculture and extreme exploitation of the environment are also a cause.

In the past few years some obstacles in the economic progress of some countries are also responsible for starvation. The lack of microscopic and essential nutrients with starvation is also the cause of malnutrition, which causes various diseases in the healthy person and also blocks physical and mental development of the person.

The cause of malnutrition is also financially vulnerable. People do not even have the money to buy nutritious food; in this case they run from whatever food they get, and this unbalanced diet increases malnutrition. So the real problem is money, if some food is available then some people do not get enough money for it. That is why poor people live their lives only on essential commodities such as bread, tea, sugars and rice. Cucumber vegetables and meats are very expensive for them.

Types of malnutrition
The cause of malnutrition can be not only due to lack of nutrients but also in excess quantity. Malnutrition can be of the following types:
Acute malnutrition - When there is a lot of decrease in weight, it is malnutrition. Due to this 3 types of malnutrition are possible
1. Mercemase- In this disease, fat starts decreasing rapidly in the body, and tissues begin to worsen severely. This causes the body's immune system to weaken.
2. Quashiorcore -  In this disease, body fluid can not get out of the body, due to changes in skin and hair color, obesity, diarrhea, decreased muscle mass, weakening of immune system, weight gain and development Being blocked, knees, feet and swelling in the lower part of the body is also a sign,
3.Marsamic Kwashiokor - This is a mixed form of Mercams and Kwashiocore, which shows the symptoms of both diseases.

Chronic malnutrition - These diseases are found in those people who suffer from malnutrition for a long time, their results are also reflected for a long time. If a pregnant woman does not get complete nutrition, then it will happen in the child having it before birth It starts, which means that the child is weak from the time of birth. In addition, if the newborn does not get the milk of the mother, then the possibility of malnutrition remains.

Growth Failure Malnutrition - In this, the weight and length of the patient can not be increased according to the age requirement. It has 3 types
Malnutrition caused by deficiency of micro nutrients: - When there is a shortage of mineral elements such as Vitamin A, B, C and D, folate, iron, iodine, zinc and calcium in the patient's body. These are all very essential for vitamins and minerals.

Iron deficiency leads to anemia, brain development does not occur and there is also adverse effect on heart rate. Iodine deficiency affects the thyroid gland and increases the likelihood of mental paralysis.

Deficiency of selenium has an adverse effect on the heart and circulatory system, there is also the possibility of osteoarthritis and the immune system is also weak

Vitamin B12 deficiency reduces the formation of red blood cells and the nerves also get distorted. Vitamin A deficiency weakens vision, bone growth and disease resistant capacity also decreases.

If there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body, then there may be rickets and other bone related problems. Flelet or Vitamin B 9 may occur due to low anemia and the growth rate also decreases. Due to lack of junk, sensory perception is reduced even with anemia.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis (TB), causes, types, and its treatment - II

Treatment of TB
DOTS program is being run for the treatment of TB in government centers. The full form of DOTS is the Direct Observation Treatment. TB treatment is done free through DOTS. TB patients under the supervision of the DOT agent have to take up to 6 months of medication for this work. This 6 month treatment takes place in the first and second phase. The first step is two months and the second stage is four months. What is the amount of medicine to be given during treatment, it is decided on the basis of age and weight of the patient.
If you are treating TB, do not leave it in the middle. Due to the removal of medication in the middle and not taking the right amount of time on the medicine, this disease gets repetitive. If TB is treating properly, then this disease can be completely cured.

What to eat in TB
There is a great deal of food paan for early treatment of any disease. If you take good diet and your illness begins to recover twice as fast. Good and nutritious food is helpful in increasing the immunity of the body. Increasing the immune system increases the power of fighting against many infectious diseases like TB. Let's see how the Diet Chart of TB patient should be.
1. Green and leafy vegetables should eat more.
2. The food should be made in olive oil.
3. Must eat whole and sprouted grains.
4. Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of antioxidants, they should be consumed more.

Do not eat in TB
1. It is very important to avoid TB in order to treat TB properly. Some things are such, so TB patients should not eat.
2. The patients of TB should not drink alcohol, drinking alcohol gets rid of the effect of TB medicine.
3. Do not eat tobacco, cottage cheese, gutka and pan masala while having TB.
4. Do not eat oily, fast and junk food even by mistake.
5. Do not eat soda, tea and coffee.

TB prevention measures:
1. If you are going out of the washroom and go to the clean washroom itself.
2. If you drink water or juice outside, then use disposable glass.
3. Pay special attention to your cleanliness. While eating and cooking, wash hands with anti-bacterial soap.
4. If there is a patient in your home TB and keep everything such as soap towel separately.
5. Exercise daily. This increases the body's immune system.
6. Do not eat outside.

In this post, you go to detail about the symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of TB (tuberculosis or tuberculosis). How do you feel about this Health Related Article related to TB disease, tell us to comment. To comment, go to the comment box at the bottom of the post. You can also comment to ask any questions related to TB. To read such articles related to health, visit our website daily.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis (TB), causes, types, and its treatment - I

Learn what the symptoms of Tuberculosis are, how Tuberculosis occurs and it is  how we treated. We are sharing this information with you. Tuberculosis, which is known by most people as TB, is due to the virus called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. These bacteria, which cause TB, affect our lungs. "Rajayakshma" is Ayurvedic name of TB disease. "Rajayakshma" means the King of Rogo.

There is no special age for having Tuberculosis. This disease can happen to anyone at any age. TB disease comes in the list of deadly diseases. More than 3 million people die every year due to TB. According to one calculation, one in three people in the world is TB patient. The lack of illiteracy and awareness is a major reason for this disease. The government is running a variety of health programs to increase awareness about TB, but still the number of people suffering from this disease increases in advance every year.

Treatment of TB is possible, but then when it is treated at the right time. TB can take your life even when you do not get treatment at the right time. In order to treat any disease at the right time, we should know the early signs of the disease. Identifying the symptoms and treating any disease can be started at the right time. In this post we are going to tell you about the symptoms of TB disease, the cause of TB and how to treat TB.

Types of TB
There are three types of TB disease: stomach TB, Foo T.B and Bone TB. The three types of TB are different symptoms and different treatments.
TB of the stomach: It is difficult to identify the stomach TB at the right time. Because the TB of the stomach grows inside the stomach and it has problems associated with common stomach like abdominal pain and diarrhea. TB of the stomach then appears when the gland falls inside the stomach.
Foozy TB: Fungi TB is detected after reaching the most serious condition. Because the fuzzy TB slowly grows inside. Fungi T.B can be done to anyone, but the symptoms of Foo TB can vary in every person.
Bone TB: Identification of Bone TB is the easiest, because bone is caused by bone wounds when it is TB. Bites due to TB cannot be cured easily after treatment. Muscle and bone also become weak when the bone is TB.

Symptoms of TB disease
1. Coughing for a long time. If the cough is more than two weeks then you must check for mucus, loss of appetite
2. Reduce weight without reason
3. Pain in the back and back when there is TB of Reid Bone
4. Mumps and mumps with cough
5. More sweating in the night
6. Fever in the evening
7. Lack of fever for long
8. Body pain with physical weakness
9. Chest pain in one month
10. Poor breathing with pain in chest

Reason of tuberculosis
TB disease is due to non-nutritious food, living in dirt and causing illness like AIDS and AIDS. The infection of the disease spreads rapidly from the bacteria present in TB patient's spit. By spitting, sneezing and sneezing of TB patient, the bacteria present in spit spread in the air and infect other people with this disease. TB sufferers should not spit open in order to stop this disease from spreading.

The people who have immunity to diseases of the body, the risk of infection of the disease is very low in those people. The resistance of the G-logo is high, reaching the body, the TB bacteria becomes inactive. Due to the inactivation of the bacteria, there is no sign of TB or there is no problem due to this bacterium. As soon as the body's immune system is low, these passive bacteria become activated. As soon as the bacteria is activated, the body gets TB disease. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis also spreads TB infections in the blood and lymph besides bacteria lungs.


The problem of thyroid in people is increasing day by day but it is seen more in women than men. Thyroid gland is in the throat, which makes the thyroid called hormone. Due to thyroid, the disease resistance in the body starts decreasing. This disease is also being seen in people who appear to be normal and healthy. This disease can be identified by looking at its symptoms in women. If it is detected on time, it is possible to treat it.

Symptoms of thyroid in women
1. Gaining weight
Obesity increases due to thyroid problems. Whatever we eat is not properly digested. Due to which the body does not get complete energy and it remains stored in the body as fat.

2. Feeling weakness
You may feel weak because of not getting enough energy from the body. If you do a bit of work you will feel exhausted. Due to weakness and fatigue in women, there may be anemia-like illness.

3. Variations in Periods
The cause of change in periods in women may be thyroid. Due to this, periods of women decreases by decreasing period.

4. Depression
When thyroid is present, thyroid gland of the throat produces thyroxine in very small quantities. Depression, which means depression hormones become active due to which women become prey to depression.

5. Loss of memory

Due to thyroid, memory power starts weakening, and the nature of women starts becoming irritable.

Some interesting information about honey and bees:

Some interesting information about honey and bees:
There are around 25,000 species of bees, many of which are threatening to end unfortunately.

About 80 percent of the food items in the supermarket are the result of the pollination of bees.

The first evidence of collecting honey by humans is found in 6000 BC. It is depicted in a cave paintings of the spider cave in Valenciana, Spain.

To make 500 grams of honey, bees have to wander 1 million times in search of pollen, which is equal to 1.5 times of the whole earth.

Honey is such a substance, whose chemical structure is very similar to that of a person's blood.

The effect of honey on the body is quite dependent on its method of use. That is, if you eat honey directly, its effect will be different, with hot water or cold water, it will be affected differently.

In yoga, we want you to take it with lukewarm water, because with lukewarm water it opens up our system.

One thing to keep in mind is that never put honey in boiling water, and never cook it, because after reaching a certain temperature some part of honey becomes poisonous. Therefore, the water in which you put honey should be boiling and not lukewarm.


It is common for a person to complain of blood pressure in today's episode and stressful life. Dizziness, dark in the eyes, cold feet ...